Sophie Forman
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JDC: The (Re)Generation

The Joint Distribution Committee is one of the world’s oldest, and largest, global humanitarian organizations. This year, JDC wanted to create an end of year giving campaign that centered around a group of people often forgotten: elder Jews still living in the Former Soviet Union. While many Jews were able to leave the FSU during the 20th century thanks to the help of NGOs like JDC, those who remained are widely impoverished, alone, and still stigmatized.

For the campaign, I created a visual language centered around nostalgia. I handwrote titles and quotes, and used bleeding watercolor to echo letter writing. The watercolor also hinted at frost on windows, emphasized by a violet and grey palette of winter.

Roles: Art Direction, Hand Lettering, Illustration, Digital and Microsite Design
Collaborators: Devon DeSanna, Dhruv Nanda

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